Cat Health

Our Wellness Kits have been mindfully put together to help your cat through the difficult times. Gentle and unobtrusive, when used as a complement to conventional veterinary medicine, these natural therapies from the mineral and plant kingdoms ease symptoms and calm emotions. When used according to instructions our Wellness Kits are perfectly safe for your cat.

Note: There is much debate about whether aromatherapy is safe for cats, due to the lack of liver enzymes essential to the absorption of essential oil constituents.

We have erred on the side of caution and only use essential oils that are recognised safe for cats, then diluted these oils at a rate of 1:50 with sweet almond oil to make a dilution that is recognised as safe for cats. As long as there is good ventilation, only small amounts are offered for a limited time each day there is no harm. However never allow your cat to lick the oil and never apply the oil to the cat’s body.

Mineral Kingdom

There’s nothing mysterious or magical about crystals. Over the past 10 years discoveries in quantum science have brought to light several fascinating aspects of crystals. At it’s most basic, everything is energy, including crystals. The elements in a crystal are constantly vibrating. Human and animal bodies are no exception. Our bodies are a conductive energy system with crystalline structures in and around the blood, lymph and cells and it’s repaired and maintained by a complex electrochemical system. In other words, our bodies run on vibrations! Even consciousness is energy.

Crystals vibrate at different frequencies, depending on their matter, size, thickness and colour or light frequency and can act as resonators and transducers of electromagnetic energy, (think of silicon in computers to aid memory or quartz crystals in watches and clocks to provide highly accurate time measures).

The tiny particles in you and your cats body that carry that same frequency will move in resonance with the particles in the stone. This causes your body to believe that you have more of that mineral in our body and it will react accordingly with additional bio chemical shifts.

For example, if you hold a calcium -based stone the calcium particles in your own body will be ‘activated’ by moving in resonance with the calcium in the stone. This creates a third, stronger energetic field that carries the calcium energy signature. The brain receives this information through the nervous system and acts accordingly by adjusting your biochemistry as if you had more calcium in your physical system. This triggers a balancing of calcium in the body and can even trigger emotional or even spiritual experiences.

Crystals can by no means cure illnesses, but they are just one of the wonderful gifts our earth has provided to help ease our journey through life.

Plant Kingdom

Flower Essences

Ancient cultures have used flower essences for thousands of years. The original inhabitants of Australia were well versed in the healing attributes of flowers and plants. The dew on the flower or plant contains its vibration, and the Aboriginal People would drink this dew, even eating the entire flower so benefiting from any nutritional qualities it had. If a plant was not edible they would sit in a clump of flowers and absorb the healing energy in that way.

All essences contain about 75 per cent water and 25 per cent brandy, which is used as a preservative to prevent any bacteria growing, and they contain the vibrational imprint of the flower, leaf, shell, or whatever is being used for the particular remedy. The fresh flowers are floated or placed in a bowl of pure water in the sunshine for a couple of hours. The sun imparts the healing life force from the flowers into the water. The flowers are still fresh and living when the preparation is finished. The water in the bowl is sparkling and full of tiny bubbles. It is alive and contains the life force of the flowers.

Basically, flower essences work to balance negative states of mind. When an emotion such as anger, resentment or insecurity is present you can experience uncomfortable sensations in the body. For instance, anger can make your heart race, fear may hold you back. These negative emotional states break down the immune system and leave the body vulnerable to illness.

Flower essences work gently to combat the negative emotion. They don’t change your personality or mood but rather work gently to allow the body to deal with states of emotion and thus re-energise and enhance inner peace.


Aromas can trigger emotional and even physical responses and allow vivid memory recall of people and places. Think of a time a smell has reminded you of something… Maybe your favourite place, a loved one or even a childhood memory. This is because the sense of smell is linked to some of the oldest and deepest parts of the brain.

The physical structures of smell found in the nose and brain are together called the Olfactory system. The sense of smell is a dynamic sense, its effect is not constant but immediate and then it fades. 

Aromatic molecules are volatile meaning that they become gases and spread quickly. We can then inhale them with the air we breathe which is the first step to detecting an aroma.

When the molecules connect with hair like cilia in our nose, the olfactory cells produce a nerve impulse which reaches the Limbic System. The Limbic system is one of the most primitive parts of the brain concerned with survival instincts and emotions. Scientists believe that the activity of the nerve signals passing through this region cause mood change by altering brain chemistry.

The nerve impulse eventually passes beyond the Limbic system to the Olfactory cortex, located towards the back of the brain. Here, the aroma will finally be recognised but by this time the brain and body will already have responded to it.