Cat Grooming

Restrained yet elegant décor, soft lighting, calming music complemented by the soothing scents of lavender and cedarwood create a day spa environment to take your cat on a sensory journey as our team professional and experienced grooming therapists mindfully pamper and look after your cat, constantly monitoring their wellbeing.
Your cat will be totally safe comfortable and secure.

We will bring the salon to your front door! Kitty doesn’t need to stress about scary car trips or waiting in a noisy salon. Our mobile grooming salon has everything we need to groom your kitty. We just need access to a power point and an outdoor tap if Kitty is having a bath.

We offer a wide range of grooming solutions. You are sure to find the purrfect package for your kit!

It’s Spa Day!

We set the tone in our stress free salon with relaxing music, soothing scents, and loads of cuddles.

Once kitty is comfy, we move on to the pawdicure, to keep those feline feet feeling fabulous, followed by cleansing treatments for ears and eyes using all natural products. Next, our high quality dry shampoo treatment with nourishing coconut oil removes dirt, loosens tangles and leaves kitty’s coat smelling sublime. To get that coat glistening, we follow with an invigorating groom that gets rid of all that unwanted hair and massages the skin. Now kitty is feline fine!

Prices start at $80 inc. GST

Add Ons

  • Trim that toosh

    To avoid embarrassing toilet time dilemmas. Kitty will thank you for it.

    $10 inc. GST

  • Underbelly

    We’ll hunt down nasty knots in those hard to brush places on kitty’s tum.

    $15 inc. GST

  • Soft Paws

    Nail caps to protect kitty’s nails from your furniture.

    $15 inc. GST for front paws

  • A Little off the Sides

    A light trim and tidy to keep Kitty looking smart.

    $20 inc. GST

Bad Hair Day?

We all know how uncomfortable it is to have knots and matts, right? Well, kitty feels just the same. A thick and knotty coat makes kitty feel hot and uncomfortable. An all over body trim may be the way to go. We can do various lengths to accommodate kitty’s natural fashion sense.

A basic lion cut starts from $115 inc. GST and includes all the perks of a day spa.

Trump Complex?

Does kitty’s coat look like it’s stuck on top of her body? She may have a felted coat. We can help! Prices start at $135 Including day spa treatments.

Ultimate Pampurr Package!

For the discerning kitty who knows a beautiful coat doesn’t happen by chance!

Our Pampurr Package begins with with a pawdicure and ear and eye cleansing treatments, followed by an invigorating brush through to loosen up the coat. Next a wonderful warm bath using luxuriant natural hair products remove dirt , condition the skin and leave kitty’s coat looking and smelling radiant. Towel drying and loads of snuggles is followed by blow drying to bring out the natural bouncy volume of her coat. A final comb through and…

Now she’s ready for the cat walk…bring on the puppyrazzi!

Prices start at $145 inc. GST

Tips to make your cats grooming experience a positive one.

Taking the time to get your cat or kitten accustomed to being handled can reduce the stress of grooming visits. Reward and reinforce the behaviours you desire, avoiding punishing your cat, either verbally or physically, because this can have unintended effects, such as increased or re-directed aggression.

Pair these procedures with positive re-enforcement, with your cats’ favourite treat or other rewards

  • Handle the paws and looking into the ears to prepare for nail clipping and ear exams
  • Open the mouth and deliver a tasty treat, to prepare for oral examinations or tooth cleaning
  • Feel over the legs and body

It’s also very important that your cat feel comfortable getting into and out of its carrier. Carriers provide safety for both you and your cat while it is being transported to the grooming salon, and often give a cat a sense of security by being hidden in a secure closed container. Your carrier should be sturdy secure and stable for your cat, easy for you to carry, and quiet so that opening the carrier doesn’t startle your cat. The best designs have a removable top to make it easy to access if it won’t come out on its own.

Train your cat to use the carrier by making it a familiar part of the furniture, with soft bedding and favourite toys and treats placed inside.

It also helps it you notify the groomer beforehand if your cat gets easily upset. This will allow the grooming team to tailor the appointment to suit your cat.

Understand the effect of your own anxiety and stress on your cat, remain calm and be positive, your cat will pick up any negative energies coming from you. Be aware of your cats behaviour and respond accordingly with treats, pats, toys, etc.

On the day of your cats grooming appointment, keep it indoors, preferably in a quiet part of the house. Your groomer will notify you when they are on the way, so that you can quietly usher your cat into its carrier before they arrive. Doing this will avoid the stress of chasing your cat around the house or garden, or the cat disappearing completely!

Going home

Once your cats grooming appointment is complete and it is back in the carrier it will carry unfamiliar odours of the grooming salon. Other cats in your home may fail to recognise it and attack. To avoid potential confrontations

  • Having something that smells like home in the carrier helps to dilute unfamiliar smells.
  • Rub an old sock over the cat that has been groomed then over each of your cats to mingle their scents.
  • Leave the cat in its carrier to and see how the other cats react. If no hissing or other signs of aggression or fear occur, leave the cats together, with supervision, for 5 to 10 minutes, be ready to distract them if aggression surfaces, but avoid getting between them or you will get hurt!
  • If the other cats react aggressively to the home coming cat, put the carrier in a safe quiet room, with all the necessities, for 24 hours until both the cats consistently respond to food and toy play on both sides of the door.
  • If problems continue after 3 days of slow re-introduction, you may need to seek veterinary advice, though this is extremely rare.

With a little preparation and forethought, you can help make your cats grooming experience enjoyable!