How do I book more then one cat for a grooming session?

If you have multiple cats you will need to book a separate time for each. Choose a day where there are enough bookings available for all your fur babies one after the other!

I'm not sure which service to book for my cat. What do I do?

If you are unsure about what your cat will need, book him/her for a Bad Hair Day. We always have a chat with our clients when we meet to ascertain the best course of action.

Is there a travel charge?

Do you groom dogs?

As cat groomers we can’t risk having doggy smells in the van, as it would upset our furry clients!

How far do you travel?

We will go just about anywhere in Perth and the surrounds…where ever there is a kitty that needs help! There will be a travel fee, though. See if your area is included in our travel fee calculator. If your area isn’t listed drop us a line for a quote here.

My cat can be nasty! Are you still able to groom him?

There is no such thing as a nasty cat! There’s always a reason behind the anger, whether it be fear, pain, or perhaps a psychological reason. We believe in working with your kitty! If he/she is grumpy or seems angry, there is always a reason behind it. If, for whatever reason we can’t complete the groom, you will only be charged the travel fee, if applicable. After all, you can’t possibly know how your kitty will react. However, you may be surprised! We have a very high success rate!

Do you use sedation?

We don’t use sedation. We rely on natural remedies such as flower essences, crystals, and essential oils, and soothing music to create as calm and comforting an atmosphere as we can.

Do you use any kind of restraints?

We don’t believe in using restraints, such as muzzles or Elizabethan collars. We have safety garments to protect ourselves from overly wriggly kitties!

Do you work weekends?

We are available Saturdays unless there is a public holiday such as Easter. Then we can make ourselves available for emergencies only. (At our discretion).

Why does my cat’s fur keep matting?

There are a few reasons.

  1. If your cat is elderly, she will find it difficult to groom herself.
  2. Similarly, if she has had an injury in the past, there may be some stiffness or pain that make it uncomfortable to manoeuvre.
  3. Cat’s learn all about grooming from their mothers. If your cat is a rescue kitty, she may not have had the chance to learn these vital lessons.
  4. There is a condition called seborrhea oleosa, where too much oil is produced, making the coat oily and matted.

Whatever the reason, regular grooming, roughly every 6 weeks, will prevent your kitty from becoming matted.

My cat has matts in his coat. Do they hurt him?

Yes! Just like having tangles in our own hair can be very painful. Some cat’s get so distraught, they will rip the matts out themselves, causing injury.

Can I use scissors to cut out tangles in my cat’s coat?

Never, ever use scissors to groom your cat! Vet’s will tell you they see many cats that need stitching after their owners have attempted to cut out knots and matts. Leave it to the professionals!

Short haired cats don’t need to be brushed, do they?

Yes, they do! Short haired cats shed just as much undercoat as long-haired cats, it’s just less noticeable. They still develop fur balls in their tummies, that can make them feel very ill. As well as de shedding, regular grooming brings out the natural oils in kitty’s coat, and is the perfect opportunity to check his skin for any problems.

Why are my cats’ nails thickening?

As cats age their claws can become thickened, brittle and overgrown, and eventually curl in on themselves, cutting into the front paw pad. The claws on the front feet are most commonly affected. There are a number of reasons your cats’ claws my thicken as she gets older


  1. Poor circulation- can lead to decreased nutrients reaching the claw bed which leads to abnormal claw growth
  2. Medical conditions- such as diabetes or hyperthyroidism
  3. Arthritis-may prevent your cat from scratching which removes the older outer sheath.

If they aren’t trimmed regularly the claws can grow long enough to curl back on themselves and embed in the paw pad, which is extremely painful and has the potential to cause infection. If you have problems trimming your cats claws, your professional cat groomer will be able to help you.

Why does my cat shed so much?

Shedding is a cats’ natural process of losing dead hair. Outdoor cats may lose more hair in the spring and autumn, and retain more hair in the winter, while indoor cats shed all year round, because the are likely to be living in a temperature-controlled environment and therefore not experiencing seasonal changes.


There can also be a number of medical dietary and stress related issues that can cause your cat to shed excessively

  1. Allegies
  2. Ringworm
  3. Bacterial infections
  4. Fleas
  5. Hormonal imbalance
  6. Poor diet
  7. Stress

It’s impossible to stop a cat from shedding, but you can manage it through diet and grooming.
If your cat is having difficulties with excessive shedding, we can help and advise.

My cats coat is covered with white flakes. What is it and what can I do to get rid of it?

If your cats fur is dotted with little white flakes, he may have dandruff. While dandruff may seem a harmless condition, it can actually be a symptom of a medical problem or skin allergy. If the weather conditions are particularly dry, for example, your cats skin may be dry as well. Cats with particularly thin coats that spend a great deal of time outside may be subject to sunburn, which can also cause dandruff. Some medical causes of dandruff in cats may include allergies, diabetes, hormonal deficiencies and nutritional disorders. In some cases a poor diet or lack of grooming may also lead to dandruff in cats.

The key to treating dandruff is to moisturise your cats skin so it doesn’t flake.

Eliminating dry food from your cats’ diet in favour of wet food, or even better, switching to a raw food diet, will help the natural oils found in in your cats coat, and will keep his coat glossy and his skin moisturised.

Washing your cat too often will cause his skin to dry out, causing irritation and flaking.

Another option is to set up a humidifier to prevent your indoor cats skin from drying out.

Grooming is an important part of maintaining a cats’ skin and coat. Brush or comb on a daily basis to get rid of dandruff.

Should I shave my cat for summer?

Are summer shave downs good for cats? Does shaving all the hail really make a cat cooler? Many well intentioned cat parents consider shaving their cat to keep them more comfortable in the warmth and humidity.

Common sense tells us that shaving off a dense fur coat would help keep cats cooler in hot weather, but shaving your cats coat down actually robes them of their own natural defense against summer heat and sunburn.

Cat fur is entirely different to human hair. A cats fur coat helps him regulate his body temperature n both cold and warmer weather, similar to the insulation in our houses. Unlike human hair, a cats’ hair has different layers that are responsible for your cats comfort and temperature control.


If you do decide to trim down your cats coat for summer keep these point in mind-

  1. Leave it to a professional-it’s all to easy to do a lot of damage to a cats skin.
  2. Leave at least 2.5 cm of fur-leaving too little increases the risk of sunburn, and can cause irritation of the skin and ingrown hairs.

There are times when a shave may be of benefit to your cats health. Consult a professional cat groomer for advice.